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11 Ways to Earn Your Audience’s Time and Attention with Auto Dealer Website

Auto Dealership Marketing

11 Ways to Earn Your Audience’s Time and Attention with Auto Dealer Website

86% of car shoppers are doing research online before coming to your dealership. With numbers this high, it’s clear to see why you need a high-quality auto dealer website to grab their attention. With a highly responsive website, you prove yourself to be a leader in the industry. Let’s examine 11 ways that you can use your independent car dealer website to help you make more sales.

Remember, today’s consumer has a lot of websites vying for attention. You need to stand out and be different. With our tips, your website will be the one the shoppers choose to visit.

1. Reduce Animation

While pop-ups, carousels, rotating sliders and moving images have a purpose on car dealerships’ websites, you want to be careful how many you use.

Here are a few reasons to lessen the amount of animation.

  • Website speed increases
  • Users don’t want any distraction
  • Animation doesn’t always display properly
  • If the content doesn’t load, your customer sees blank spaces
  • Text located on moving sliders might not be recognized by Google

2. Add a User-Friendly Navigation Bar

Have you ever used a website with a confusing navigation bar? Having a complicated tool makes the site less user-friendly and means people will go elsewhere. Believe it or not, some websites don’t even have a navigation bar.

You want your customers to find the pages they need, which requires a navigation bar. Make sure it is laid out horizontally and shows up on every page for easy access.

3. Highlight the Inventory

If your website lacks inventory information, you are missing out. Car shoppers want to know what you have available. You must showcase the vehicle in an organized way to make everything easy to see.

By having an updated online inventory, it’s the same thing as having your dealership open at all times. Customers can shop at midnight from their beds, allowing you to increase sales during non-business hours. The best part is that you don’t have to pay staff to go through the inventory with potential buyers.

4. Use High-Quality Images

Using poor-quality images on your website is only going to hurt you. Not only won’t you look professional, but you also create distrust in your dealership. Invest in hi-resolution pictures and use a professional photographer to take your photos. If you can’t afford this, start brushing up on your photography skills to ensure the best outcome.

5. Don’t Forget to Include People

Your auto dealer website can’t just contain pictures of vehicles and scenery. You want to include people on the web pages, as well. Customers want to know you are genuine and really do business. Sure, you could find a bunch of stock photos of people, but that’s not going to improve your trustworthiness.

Instead, get some photos of your customers while shopping. You could also do a spot where you highlight your employees and talk about their lives.

6. Use a Responsive Layout

By having a responsive auto dealer website, you ensure these things.

  • Content, text and images automatically adjust for all screen sizes
  • Website will also be mobile-friendly
  • Fast loading speeds
  • Improved user-experience
  • You make Google happy

7. Include a Call-to-Action

Your users should always know what you want them to do. It should add some sort of call-to-action to every page of your dealership website. It can be done with a simple Contact Us button or can be more elaborate with a text chain telling them what you want them to do.

Just make sure whatever you include is attractive and laid out well. If you don’t give your shoppers an action to take, they likely won’t do anything.

8. Make Contact Info Easy to Find

On top of having a call-to-action on each page, you need to ensure that customers can reach you. Place your address and phone number in the header or footer of your web pages. It should be visible no matter what page your customer is on.

If you want to take this step even further, make sure you have the phone number linked to a call extension. You can also link the address to your Google Maps location. When you make it easy, shoppers will contact you. If you don’t, they will look for someone else to contact.

9. Keep it Clutter-Free

Do you want to visit any store or business that is cluttered? The same goes for an auto dealer website. Your pages should be clean and simple. Any time that the auto dealership website becomes cluttered, you drive customers away.

The clutter comes from too many pictures or content. Users don’t want to be distracted while shopping. It only leads to frustration and poor user experience. In the end, the consumer simply leaves your site and won’t return.

Take the time to separate content onto various pages or sections. Don’t try to put all of your information on one page and keep the pictures spaced appropriately.

10. Consistency is the Key

When you design the auto dealer website, you must ensure that the color theme and layout remains consistent. While it might seem fun and adventurous to put new designs on every page, you will only confuse the user.

Your customers have a short attention span and will quickly forget you unless you give them something to remember. By keeping all of the pages on-brand, you ensure that your site sticks in their mind. Your customers will recall your brand and enjoy browsing the pages.

11. Add Social Media Buttons

You should have all of your social media buttons present on the dealership website. To clarify, make sure that the Instagram, Twitter and Facebook buttons are easy to see. For example, you should consider placing all of the buttons in your header or at the bottom of the website.

Not only will this help you have some white space in your sections, but it shows that you want to establish a connection with your customers. Building followers should always be a priority for your automotive dealership.

Take Your Auto Dealer Website to New Heights

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