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10 Signs it’s Time to Revamp Your Automotive Dealership Website

Automotive Dealership Websites

10 Signs it’s Time to Revamp Your Automotive Dealership Website

Your automotive dealership website is one of the first things that your customers see. If it makes a stunning first impression, you likely receive more sales. However, what happens when the dealership page isn’t performing the way it should? In these instances, you are losing valuable traffic, allowing your competitors to receive your sales.

Still, most people don’t know the signs of a failing website. If you are wondering whether to revamp your pages, we have a few signs that you can use as a gauge. Look for these ten signs that your car dealership site isn’t performing the way it should. Once you do an evaluation, make the changes necessary to gain more traffic.

1. Frequent Down-Time and Glitches With Your Dealership Website

If your customers are attempting to access your website and it is down, you could lose valuable clients. There are many reasons that a website might be down. Sometimes, it has to do with the amount of traffic the website receives, while other times, it is simply based on the provider you are using.

Either way, any downtime shows that there are deeper issues. When left unresolved, you allow these problems to affect your dealership’s credibility.

2. Non-Responsive Automotive Website

60% of automotive searches are coming from a mobile device, according to Google. If your website is unresponsive to this traffic, it won’t go over well with your tech-savvy clients. Make it easy for your customers to get the information needed by optimizing your website for mobile and desktop traffic.

3. Decrease in Traffic/Increase in Bounce Rate

Website traffic shows how many people have come to the site. This number should continue to go up over time, especially when you are working hard on your automotive digital marketing.

The bounce rate of a website shows the number of visitors that left after looking at one page. This number should continue going down over time. If you consistently have a higher bounce rate, it might indicate a problem with the website. Evaluate what page causes your customers to leave and revamp it. It could also be that the website itself is slow to load or has too many ads on each page.

4. Dealership Website Not SEO-Friendly

For your website to be SEO friendly, it must contain several aspects, including:

  • Customized sitemap
  • Streamlined navigation
  • Optimized graphics and images
  • Relevant keywords

If any of these aspects are missing, your SEO for car dealers strategy will lack.

5. Failing to be Your Main Lead Generation Tool

If you want to generate online leads, your website must be the top tool. If you have an old website, you will find that the functionality and design makes it more difficult to get your customers through the channels needed.

6. Outdated Automotive Dealership Website

Your visitors are going to hold your website to a particular standard. This is especially true if you run a luxury auto dealership. If you don’t consistently update the design and keep it fresh, you will disappoint your clients.

Instead, exceed expectations by utilizing a cutting-edge design that causes them to be intrigued.

7. Lack of Social Media Incorporation

Your website must have social media integration so that your customers can connect easily. If they aren’t able to share content, it will become frustrating and you lose valuable publicity. In today’s technological age, lacking these aspects also reduces your dealership credibility.

8. Inability to Make Changes

Your website should be simple to change. If your web designer is the only one with access to the design and pages, it’s time for an upgrade. Content Management Systems make it simple for anyone to upload information, even if you are technically challenged.

9. Outdated Brand

Have you failed to update your dealership website in the past ten years? If you are still using the same branding from a decade ago, you are missing the boat. The first interaction your customer might have with you is through your website. You must keep the information and design up to date if you want your customer to know what to expect. As your brand evolves, so should your automotive dealership website.

10. Lack of Functionality

How easy is it for your customers to use your website? When your potential car buyers visit, you want them to find everything easily. If they have to spend too much time searching for something, they will give up.

Place the logo at the top left of every homepage. This can lead visitors to your homepage, without actually writing the word “Home.” Additionally, it’s no longer appropriate to use Adobe Flash to show elements of your website.

Consider upgrading your website on the latest platforms with extreme functionality. Don’t forget to throw in plenty of automotive videos to entice the buyer and keep their interest.

Take Your Automotive Dealership Website Further

Once you’ve dealt with the basic design of your website and the functionality, take it a step further. Make sure your content goes above and beyond, so you can appeal to a variety of car buyers. Here are a few helpful tips regarding the types of content you should include on your website.

  • How-to vehicle maintenance
  • Buying tips for used and new cars
  • Recent auto news
  • Saving fuel tips
  • Showcases the latest safety equipment with instructional how-tos
  • Leasing vs. financing options/guide to what’s best for each lifestyle
  • Car loan calculator
  • Customer testimonials

There’s no limit to the content you can include on your website. When you share this content on your social media pages, you also increase the dealership’s visibility.

We Help Improve Your Automotive Website

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