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10 Engaging Video Marketing Ideas for Automotive Dealerships

Video Marketing for automotive dealerships

10 Engaging Video Marketing Ideas for Automotive Dealerships

Do you want to sell more cars? Of course you do, or you wouldn’t be running a car dealership. The trouble is, not every auto dealership knows how to use video to sell more cars. When it comes to automotive marketing, video content is the most important avenue, on multiple platforms. In fact, a Google study suggests that three-quarters of car buyers are influenced by video marketing. With those numbers being so high, you can’t afford to skip the video marketing ideas that will take your dealership to the next level.

Here are ten video marketing concepts that will bring more car sales to your dealership.

#1: New Car Model Reviews

As each new model hits the showroom floor, you want to take a video of it and post it online. Talk about how it is different from the previous years, compare it with similar vehicles and tell people why this is the car they must buy. You can use this form of dealership marketing on all social media platforms as well as your website.

#2: Pre-Owned Car Walkaround

While you want to stay focused on what’s new and exciting at the auto dealership, you can’t neglect your inventory of pre-owned vehicles. Get out on the lot and make videos about some choice models you are currently selling. Talk about the features, why this is a good car and compare it with other models. This is another video marketing idea that can be posted everywhere.

#3: Sales Event Coverage

Any time your dealership hosts a sales event, there should be video coverage. Start by promoting the event with an invitation video to your client base. This can be posted to your social media channels and put in your automotive email marketing strategy as well. You might also consider adding a Facebook Event Page for more publicity.

Before the event, follow up with daily videos continuing to promote what’s happening. Show the hype and excitement, which gives people a reason to join in on the action.

When the sales event finally occurs, remember to get more footage. You might even consider a live stream, which could further encourage customers to hurry in.

#4: New Car Auto Dealership Incentives

We’ve already discussed how all new car models should be promoted, but so should the latest incentives. Every time the manufacturer releases a new incentive, you should be in front of the camera promoting it.

Not only does this help you sell more cars, but it also puts you ahead of the other dealers in your area. As you continue to promote the newest incentives, customers will know they can trust you for the latest information.

#5 Dealership Marketing Through the Finance Department

You might think that promoting the cars is all you have to do, but there’s an entire area you aren’t considering. The finance department has a lot of valuable information to share with potential car buyers, and video is a great avenue to get it out there.

Create videos on credit problems, financing terms, how to buy a vehicle and so on. Not only will it help you become a leader in the market, but it shows your clients that you care about them.

#6: Auto Dealership Customer Testimonials on Video

If you are focusing on customer satisfaction, then you should have plenty of happy clients to talk with. Use these customers in your video marketing ideas to gain a better strategy.

When a new car is bought, capture the moment on video. When you post these moments on social media, you encourage engagement and sharing, especially when you tag the customer.

While customer testimonials in the new car sales department are important, it’s not the only area you want to focus your attention on. Remember to grab testimonials from customers in the service department and body shop as well.

#7 Highlight Employees for Automotive Marketing

Customers want to buy a car from someone that they trust. If you can build a reputation with your employees, you have a better chance of making the sale. Take time to highlight every employee with a video. Let them have fun with it and show their true personality. This endeavor puts a human face to each staff member and lets the customer see who they will be working with.

#8: Seasonal Content through Video Marketing

You should never lack video marketing ideas, especially when you look at the season. Create a calendar of seasonal events that are occurring and schedule your video content based on these events. For example, when it comes time for kids to go back to school, talk about the best cars for college students. Or, you can discuss how to buy a car during the holidays without hurting the credit score.

Sit down with a representative from each department to get ideas of some seasonal topics. Not only will this content become valuable among your viewers, but it also is more likely to be engaged with and shared because of the relevance.

#9 Highlight Every Department

Earlier we talked specifically about the financing department, but there’s so much more to your car dealership. Think about each area and discuss ways to highlight everyone.

Some topic ideas might be:

  • What should you do when you’ve been in an accident
  • Signs your brakes need to be replaced
  • How to check your tires
  • Taking care of your car, in every season
  • Maintaining good credit
  • Keeping the resale value of your car up

There’s no limit to the ways you can market your car dealerships and you should never run out of ideas.

#10: Document Every Change

People look forward to coming along for the ride. If you are planning construction, moving to a new location, changing the branding, adding a new department or sponsoring something local, make sure you capture the moments on video and share it. These videos don’t need to be lengthy, but it helps your customer feel like they are a part of the action.

Increase Car Sales Through Video Marketing Ideas

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