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10 Dealership Digital Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

things to avoid in automotive marketing

10 Dealership Digital Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

How would you evaluate your dealership digital marketing strategy? Would you say it’s working the way you want? As technology continues to evolve, you must be equipped to reach today’s consumer. As you interact, market and communicate in today’s busy world, you need to make sure you don’t make any critical errors.

That’s why we’ve put together ten of the top auto dealer digital marketing mistakes.

Mistake #1: Forgetting the Mobile User

With everyone carrying a smartphone in their pocket, you need to tailor your automotive digital marketing dollars to these customers.

You can simply have a website, but you must also make sure it is optimized for your mobile traffic. 50% of people will turn away from a company because of a bad mobile experience.

Mistake #2: Neglecting Social Media

There’s no logical reason for your company to avoid social media for another second. It’s the least expensive way to interact with customers and your business benefits immensely.

More than 80% of people in the United States now have a social media profile. How do you plan to reach them without being where they are?

Mistake #3: Avoiding Video Marketing

Sure it takes time to create video content for your dealership. It requires more effort than writing a status update or ad copy. Videos lead to conversions – especially when you give the customer details about a car they are looking at. Showcase test drives, walkarounds and the various features of your inventory.

Make it easy for your customers to find the answers they want and they will turn to you when it’s time to buy.

Mistake #4: Targeting Everyone

What is your target audience? Do you simply throw your advertising out there and expect to receive business? That isn’t going to work.

If you sell luxury cars, it does no good to target broke college students without a job. If you want to push a minivan, you need to reach busy moms in the neighborhood. With In-The-Market data, you gain access to the customers you need.

Mistake #5: Spamming Customers

Don’t become a spammer. Your customers don’t want your junk emails coming to their inbox. Instead, they require helpful, relevant and educational information. If you upset your subscribers, you lose vital connections.

Mistake #6: Failing to Personalize Content

This brings us to the next big mistake. If you don’t get personal with your audience, you will lose them. Make sure all of your email marketing is tailored to the person receiving it. Use their name and sign yours in every correspondence.

You can also send them an email from the team member they have been working with. This nurtures an existing connection and increases the chance of referrals or future sales.

Mistake #7: Failing to Budget

You must establish a well-defined marketing budget. With that budget, you must also ensure that plenty of resources have been allocated appropriately. A diverse marketing strategy implements many platforms for a wide net.

Furthermore, you want to track your ROI to see what is and isn’t working.

Mistake #8: Focusing Only on Acquisition

Sure, automotive digital marketing should bring in new customers, but that’s not the only goal. You don’t want to neglect customer retention. You want a customer to stay with you for life.

It’s six times more expensive to acquire one new customer than it is to keep an existing one. Nurture your existing relationships first.

Mistake #9: Forgetting a Call-to-Action

What do you want a customer to do once they see your ad? Hopefully, you want them to buy a car. The only way to drive this idea is to include a call-to-action.

Your simple CTA can change the entire outcome of your campaign.

Mistake #10: Doing it By Yourself

Can you do all of your dealership digital marketing by yourself? Probably not.

If you aren’t an expert in automotive marketing, it’s time to hire a professional. You can hire someone in-house, but with the rate of turnover, that simply doesn’t make sense.

AimLogic to Avoid Dealership Digital Marketing Mistakes

With our vast experience, you don’t have to worry about making costly dealership marketing mistakes. We know what works and what doesn’t Get ready to see your sales skyrocket when you enlist the help of an expert. At AimLogic, we handle automotive marketing day in and day out. Now it’s time for you to see the difference.