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10 Automotive Social Media Strategies for Your Dealership

Social Media Strategies for Your Dealership

10 Automotive Social Media Strategies for Your Dealership

With 95% of car buyers looking to digital media for information, you can’t neglect your automotive marketing. It might be more important to focus on your automotive social media than it is to invest more time on your website.

Social media sites provide a fantastic avenue to connect with customers and share information. The way you implement your strategy affects your automotive digital marketing efforts. You can’t simply set up a Facebook page and expect to gain more sales. Instead, you must nurture your efforts and continue to evolve.

Therefore, to help you get ahead, we’ve put together ten social media car dealer marketing tips for you to try.

1. Target Facebook Consumers

69% of American adults are using Facebook. To reach these people, you want to place targeted ads aimed at those looking to buy a car. Thankfully, Facebook makes this process simple. You can narrow down consumers by many factors. Consider geographic area, current vehicle type, consumer interests, gender and more. This small time investment helps your ad reach the people you desire.

2. Drive More Sales with Twitter

Twitter might not have as large a market share as Facebook, but it still provides plenty of opportunities. With Twitter, you can focus on your car dealership marketing uniquely. Research shows that more than 300,000 auto-related tweets get sent out each day. Therefore, if you aren’t in this mix, you are missing valuable traffic. With keyword targeting, your advertising will reach the appropriate audience.

3. Instagram Helps You Market to Millennials

Instagram has become insanely popular with millennials. Among your automotive marketing strategies, you want to implement tactics geared toward Instagram. Most users are on a mobile device, which is perfect for reaching people on the go. With this unique platform, you help to tell a story. For example, share pictures that help your consumers see themselves in the moment. Show the vehicle while tailgating, at the beach, near a lake or heading to a local sporting event.

4. Automotive Social Media Through Pinterest

Most automotive digital marketing agencies focus solely on top sites. Consequently, they completely overlook the potential of Pinterest. With a large female base, Pinterest serves as a great way to meet with local car buyers. Posting on Pinterest is also valuable toward your SEO for car dealers strategy. Use the platform to share pictures of your inventory, pin blog posts and highlight your most important pages.

5. Video Marketing on YouTube

Among the top automotive marketing services offered, you want to focus heavily on video content. Video is king, especially when it comes to finding car-related information. Consumers are looking for the data on particular car models, including the safety features, tech connectivity and seating capacity. By providing this data in a video, you make it more enjoyable and memorable. Don’t forget to post walkarounds and virtual test drives as well.

6. Tell a Story

No matter what platform you choose, make sure you tell a story. Don’t just post random content, but try to make a connection with your followers. When you practice storytelling, you develop deeper relationships and boost loyalty. Look at your automotive social media channels as a way to have a conversation, not just advertise. Humanize your brand by sharing experiences.

7. Create Automotive Social Media Promotions

As part of your dealership marketing campaign, you want to offer special promotions to your social media followers. For example, reward them for following you by creating unique offers. Promote your discount or special incentive and ask your customers to share it with others.

8. Participate in a Two-Way Conversation

Use social media to talk to your audience. Sure it’s fun to share pictures and promote your brand. However, these avenues are about so much more. Respond to your tweets, thank those who participate, answer any complaints and show that you care. Most importantly, make sure you respond quickly. No one wants to wait a week to get a response. If needed, put a dedicated team member on this job. You can also hire an automotive marketing agency to manage your social media. As a result of your hard work, you will build better relationships.

9. Pay Attention to Reviews

Your automotive dealer marketing means nothing if you have neglected the customer reviews. Your target audience is researching your reputation before buying from you. Not only do you need to focus on your Google reviews, but also Yelp and other online sites. If you end up with some negative reviews, make sure you respond to them politely. Offer to make things right and show other customers that you are concerned.

10. Stay Committed to Social Media

Social media automotive dealer marketing is only successful if you stay with it. With your time investment, you gain additional brand visibility, increase foot traffic and produce more car sales. The worst thing you could do is back off once you implement new car dealership marketing strategies. Instead, you want to build your fan base and then continue to interact and engage with them regularly. If you don’t follow through, you lose credibility. In addition, you let valuable sales fall through the cracks.

Help With Your Automotive Social Media

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