Once we’ve identified who is in your market to buy, a robust marketing plan is implemented to keep your customers  engaged with your dealership. AimLogic’s creative marketing team will design and manage your marketing efforts – your direct mail, email and digital marketing.  As a one-stop solution, you’ll benefit from a complete multi-channel marketing program for a fraction of the cost that you are currently paying multiple vendors.


As part of your AimLogic services, our creative service team will design and manage your next direct mail marketing campaign that compliments your email and digital display efforts. To maximize your return, we will target buyers with the highest propensity to buy in your market territory. By focusing on the top 10 percent, we are able to reduce your mailing costs, which increase your ability to communicate to the right audience at the right time.

“AimLogic is a great solution for both OEM new franchise as well as pre-owned locations. In 4 months, AimLogic has been able to net 68 new sales with an ROI of $105K.”

- Autoplex Dealership

Northern Texas


Communicate when it matters most. Our automotive marketing strategists will design and implement a robust email marketing campaign that is in-sync with your direct mail and digital display efforts which targets the top 10% of active buyers in your market radius.

“In six months, AimLogic has been able to drive a massive ROI of $341K with 220 vehicle sales. Program has proven to be successful enabling the program to have a 2 month runway, which enabled the proceeding campaigns to full impact on new sales.”

- Chevrolet Dealership

Cincinnati, OH


Be seen and heard. As part of the AimLogic target marketing solutions, we complete your marketing campaign to your top buyers with one-to-one display ads that keep you relevant as they shop and research their next automotive purchase. Our creative team will design online ads that coordinate with your email and direct mail initiatives as part of the AimLogic complete solution.

“Four AimLogic campaigns have been able to capture 19 new sales, with a $30,450 ROI. The AimLogic program is utilizing a multi-channel, staggered marketing approach to target more in-market buyers, several times to drive higher quality traffic.”

Buick GMC Dealership

Pompano Beach Area, FL